Suburban Skyline

The Skyline lamp series is designed by Folkform and now produced by Örsjöbelysning. The lamp is inspired by the architecture of different suburban districts of Stockholm.

Many of Folkforms products are based on architecture and the graphic expression in buildings, the particular skyline lamp was inspired by the raw concrete suburbs outside Stockholm.
In collaboration with the lamp factory in Örsjö Folkform examine the opportunities of the metallic colour palette, from highly polished brass to oxidised copper. Örsjö lamp factory is situated in Sweden in the southeast corner of Småland and the industry was founded in 1948.

Originally the lamp was studio produced by Folkform and presented during an independent design exhibition as a prototype, but Örsjö belysning discovered the lamp at Skandium in London in 2012 and launched it during this year’s Stockholm Furniture Fair.

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Suburban Skyline

Material: Brass
Dimensions: 500 x 500 x 400 mm
Retailer: Whyred

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